Regular mystery shopping programme
Track supporter journeys
On-going Competitor review
Compliance audit and comparisons
Two comprehensive reports per year
£6,500 per year + VAT

Our new Secret Giver Scheme formally launches in April 2017. We are confident it will be the voluntary sector’s most comprehensive mystery shopping and competitor review programme.

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The Secret Giver Scheme includes:

Regular Mystery Shopping Programme

We will make a number of gifts and contacts to your charity to ensure you get a comprehensive assessment and evaluation of each and every engagement we have with you both on and offline.

Track Supporter Journeys

Our Secret Giver scheme has been designed to comprehensively track and test the supporter journey over an entire year, and help you identify strengths and address weaknesses.

On-going Competitor Review

We will be carrying out the same thorough programme on more than thirty other charities to help gather a truly comprehensive range of data for every type of communication. This will be benchmarked and summarised once a year for you in your own confidential report.

Compliance Audit and Comparisons

We will be testing and evaluating the different approaches taken towards compliance and the responses to any changes in regulations or legislation, and summarising this in each report we provide.

Two Comprehensive Reports (with Recommendations) Per Year

We have carefully built a set of unique and robust criteria to measure quality, accuracy, frequency and speed of every communication. Every member receives two confidential reports every year which include a full analysis of all activity for the period, provide detailed, practical recommendations for the future, and identify any urgent areas for immediate action. One report will also cover all competitor review activity.

Cost: £6,500 per year + VAT

The annual membership cost of the scheme includes both reports including an annual comprehensive competitor review, and the costs of all donations made to your charity over the year.


E-mail or call Jaimie Stevenson-Miller our Client Services Manager and she will be happy to help with any queries you may have.

T: 01608 810006