It takes all sorts of people to help to change the world. The key to success is understanding them. We love talking to donors, volunteers, members, major givers, campaigners, service users and staff. All sorts really.

Done properly, research can be a vital tool in your fundraising planning, but only when it comes with genuine understanding and insight.

In terms of research, both qualitative and quantitative can provide the answers. Talking with your audience, both cold and warm in Focus Groups, and asking the right questions in the right way (through on and offline surveys), adds immeasurable value to the way you communicate effectively with your supporters. Whether it be testing the perceptions and understanding of key audiences, trialing new propositions, getting feedback on new product development, or simply measuring supporter satisfaction, we can help you every step of the way.

With many years of practical fundraising experience, JGA can provide you with unparalleled insight and interpretation and give you the confidence you need in knowing you are placing your supporters’ needs at the heart of your fundraising work.