John Grain

strategy, stewardship, research, interim

There’s nothing like being knee-deep in mud while coaching boys’ football on a Sunday afternoon…

A new season of Game of Thrones, coupled with a glass of good red, are hard to beat.

A finely constructed sandwich is a work of art.

Most likely to say: Is that tea you’re making?
Words of wisdom: Self-education is the only kind of education there is.

Claire Newton

concepts, copy, research, finance

North of Norway: sun, snow, space.

Always say yes to dancing.

Baklava and a flat white cure all ills, if prosecco isn’t available.

Most likely to say: The cat’s sitting there – you’d better sit on the floor.
Words of wisdom: Remember to stop and smell the roses.

Jaimie Stevenson-Miller

client services, campaign management, print & production

There’s nothing like a walk on the beach with my dogs, as they dive into waves then turn themselves into sand bombs!

It’s all in the detail: good organisation and a flexible attitude can solve most problems.

Rhubarb crumble versus gin and tonic? Why choose one when you could have both!

Most likely to say: Anything is possible, it just might take longer than a day…